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Come Join The Landstar GAD Team! 

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100% Owner Operators

Non-Forced Dispatch

True OTR (Over-The-Road)

Landstar corporate's non-forced dispatch operation allows our owner-operators to pick and choose their own freight from the Landstar load board and to keep themselves moving independently. There are no traditional terminals or dispatchers; Landstar owner-operators dispatch themselves. There are no company driving positions to compete with and no local/regional driving positions. 

When it comes to hauling freight with Landstar, owner-operators have one of two options: they can either lease exclusively to Landstar to become a Landstar business capacity owner (BCO) under Landstar's authority or, those already operating under their own authority can apply to become a Landstar-approved third-party carrier.

Approved Third-Party Carrier VS Landstar BCO

As an approved third-party carrier, using their own authority means they are free to haul freight for any trucking company they choose. Approved Landstar third-party carriers are not exclusive to any one company or load board, and their truck is their actual motor carrier business. They must find their own customers, cover all of their own insurances, and negotiate their own rates.

Business Capacity Owners (BCO's), leased exclusively to Landstar’s authority, have 24/7 secured access to thousands of loads posted to Landstar’s available freight board. BCO's can search for the freight they want to haul by setting their own parameters by origin, destination, rate-per-mile, or all of the above. Linehaul rates are non-negotiable for BCO's, and Landstar will cover their Cargo insurance along with their Fuel Surcharge.

Apply today to become an owner-operator leased to Landstar and haul freight under Landstar's authority, or, if you're an owner-operator under your own authority, apply to become a Landstar approved third-party carrier.

For more information, speak to a recruiter today! 

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