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Supply Chain Management Solutions

Third-Party Logistics 

When outsourcing a transportation logistics provider to help manage your supply chain, it's important to consider your most vexing problems first; What tasks or responsibilities are causing your biggest headaches? Have you measured your KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)? What is your overall supply chain strategy? It's crucial to assess these key components of your operation first, to better determine which logistics company will best fit your needs. 


Before reaching out to any logistics service providers, think about the way your team addresses your common supply chain challenges. The logistics service provider you choose should be well-informed about these common (and uncommon) challenges and should offer individual attention to detail in mastering those issues for you - in ways that best fit your needs. After all, your company comes first.

What kind of automation technology does your operation utilize? How do you transport your merchandise from point A to point B and what kind of freight transportation company do you typically trust to move your merchandise? Are you able to track your freight as it's being moved from shipping to receiving facilities? Does your business require warehousing on site, or do you prefer a third-party provider expedite those operations for you? These are all important factors to notate when considering logistics options, as SCM and logistics companies come in all shapes and sizes, and might not offer the best solutions to your SCM problems. 

Outsourcing the transportation management portion of your SCM operations will help you minimize cost, have more flexibility to focus on the core competencies of your company's operations, and meet the demands of your customers more effectively. Save time, money and stress by outsourcing your needs, and make sure to choose the best providers in the industry to accommodate you.                    for more information on the different types of logistics providers and what to expect from their services. 



Landstar is a leader in transportation management solutions, with logistics services to meet your every need. As a top-rated independent agency of Landstar, Crosson Logistics - Landstar GAD Agency is a core carrier of FedEx and we move ground shipments across the country and beyond the border, hauling freight of all kind, from all kinds of shippers. Our team of logistics professionals are available by phone or email, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every single day of the year.                     to find out more about our agency and our impact in the ever-evolving world of freight transportation.  

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